Health & Safety

Our company’s Policy includes the Health and Safety at Work as priority in planning, installation and operation of each activity.


The Policy for Health and Safety at Work, is determined by the Administration, and is based on the collaboration, consent and attendance of all workers in the office and worksite.


The Policy is also based on the continuous discussions on issues concerning Health and Safety at Work with the suppliers, the subcontractors, the responsible authorities, the visitors and more generally the collaborators.


The Company commits itself for conformity with legislation and other requirements concerning Health and Safety at Work (HSW) those are in effect for the activities in the office and worksite.


Benefit of necessary resources - human, technological and finances – for control and continuous improvement of System of Management of HSW, with basic aim the continuous recognition and identification of dangers, the estimate of their importance and the application of essential control meters, protection and prevention, for a safe labor environment.


Suitable and effective education of all workers on HSW issues for their right attendance in the effort of protection and prevention.


The Policy is been examined, from the Administration, the System Management of HSW with final aim the continuous improvement, it is available in the interested parts, and communicated to all workers, to keep them informed about their obligations against the System of Management HSW.